February 16, 2018

Laura Lee RIP

Laura Lee was a lady who took a stand and talked out for the right to decide. She acknowledged that there were many abuses in sex-work, but defended the right for women who chose to do it. In June 2015, legislation in Northern Ireland made it illegal to pay for sex. Her arguments about how that type of legislation made sex-workers more vulnerable need to continue to be heard.

Academic studies, observation in the real world and common sense all indicate that the illegalization of sex-work does not achieve a positive outcome.

There is a brutally stupid blind-spot in public discourse which refuses to recognize the difference between 'exploitation' (minors, slavery, trafficking, etc.) and an economic choice. Even when it comes to an 'economic choice', there are different shades of grey - it appears that people with economic means still choose to do sex work.

Instead of prohibition, legislators need to focus on how to deal with the real crimes: trafficking, slavery and the exploitation of minors. Of course, these are harder to identify...

Laura Lee Obituary
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  2. Wow I think Laura Lee was an amazing women may she rest in peace beside our heavenly father in heaven. And may he watch over her family and friends.

  3. I agree... Those that want to work on this field should be allowed & regulated to keep both the worker & client safe... Secure online payments are preferred again for the safety of both individuals. Government needs to focus on illegal trafficking not going after consenting adults trading services for $... Nevada has a good system that works so let's adopt that system into other states!!!

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