September 24, 2013

Getting there...

We've been reviewing all the feedback from you all from the last months. Thank you so much for all of the comments and suggestions.

We know we still have a lot more to do, but just to know that so many people are getting results is a real boost to the team!

When we hear 'independents' tell us we are generating them enough new customers so they don't have to look elsewhere, it's a great result. When we get feedback from users that we have helped them find better providers, we know we are making a small difference. When we hear agencies telling us that they prefer Massage Republic to others, that makes a big difference.

So, thanks to all of you all. We started this a year and a half ago. We didn't expect to get where we are by now. We will carry on working hard to build on the trust you have given to us and bring new improvements to the site.

We are listening! Get in touch if you have comments or suggestions.
September 5, 2013

Staying safe online

If you regularly reuse the same password in different places, you could be at real risk!

Over the last weeks, we have some pretty nasty people messing up profiles on the site. After working to trace what was happening and talking to the people who were affected, we are pretty sure we know how it is happening.

We have positively identified that the bad guys have access to passwords which have been used to set up accounts on other escort sites (your data at Massage Republic is safe, we encrypt all passwords so we can't even see what you entered and no-one else can either). 

They are then trying these same email/password combinations on Massage Republic until they find ones which are the same. They then steal the profile and change it with their own information, new phone number (mostly in the Philippines) and in several cases pointing the website link to We don't know whether this activity is coming from that site directly, they have been hacked or it is someone else just causing trouble and looking for phone bookings. We would strongly urge you to be cautious with some of the sites out there! 

Massage Republic recommends:

  • Don't reuse the same password online for different services
  • If you have done this in the past, go change your Massage Republic password now and think about any other places you want to keep safe as they may be at risk
If you have any doubts about security or questions please get in touch.