February 27, 2013

What we did in Feb

Been a busy couple of months. We have been working hard trying to make sure that Massage Republic works for as many people as possible. This has meant a lot of small changes fixing things that didn't work in different browsers and trying to make using the site easier.

For advertisers

We have completely upgraded the part of the site where advertisers manage their listings. We have also added in a page where you can see all of the statistics for the number of people who have seen and interacted with your profile.

You can now use the photo verification service for free (this is a limited trial at the moment, so take advantage of the opportunity if you have not verified your photos yet!)

We have heard many people are having problems with payments, so are working on providing some alternatives in the very new future.

For users

We have improved the way questions and reviews work based on your comments. We hope that more of you will get involved and share your experiences on the site.

For everyone!

Thanks for all of the feedback and support. We appreciate this a lot and will carry on working hard to make the site a useful place for all of you.