December 4, 2012

2012 - we're happy

If you're reading this you either just got here or you want to keep up with what we're doing. Either way, we hope this post gives some context.

Massage Republic launched in Feb 2012 (sort of), we managed a decent site by May 2012, then busted our guts to get somewhere towards a cool site over the last months.

The feedback we got from users and advertisers has been fantastic. We have taken those comments and pushed them into the development of the site. What happened next was even better, stuff like this:
Thanks for the note, I have checked it out and use your site regularly. If I am honest I thought when you said "We will remove all the fake listings", in your last mail, that you were pulling my leg (so to speak..!!). But hey you have done pretty much what you said, and the site is greatly improved. Do you know how much your site has improved in Dubai........You cannot find a forum here now which does not talk about Massage Republic and the verified profiles being real.
We are really happy we have provided a bunch of working girls and guys with over 120,000 contact actions (messages+clicks on phone number+clicks on website) in the last three months. We think you are great and look forward to doing so much more in 2013.