October 31, 2017

Bad guys alert

We wrote a while ago about people trying to scam Massage Republic users.

We now need to add another alert. We have just had a couple of reports that advertisers are being contacted both:
  • by phone, and,
  • using fake email addresses like massagerepublic[something]@gmail.com

They are asking for for an account registration fee to be sent to them (Bkash has been one method they have used).

We don't:
  • have a registration fee
  • use Bkash
  • call people asking for cash, email people asking for cash (if you want to upgrade, do so onsite please
  • use any email that is not from @massagerepublic.com
We do know that it can be difficult to know if an email is genuine - so if you have any doubts, contact us and we will assist.
  1. Replies
    1. Anonymous8/12/17 07:07

      Hi! We are not an escort agency, neither do we act as a personal manager. MassageRepublic.com is the place where you can advertise your services as an individual service providers for free. We are not responsible for the people who you choose to provide your services.

  2. But the call came from your office and the guy says that he will provide me the address and phone number before 1hour of the following day. And he did. But when i reached there i found that its a trap after while. If its confidential how could they get me every details.

    1. Hi,
      We don't have any agents anywhere in the world. The only official email address we have is @massagerepublic.com. We don't have a phone number. To create and have a listing on our website is 100% free.