April 24, 2019

Sri Lanka

We try to avoid political comment, but one of the team knows a person directly affected by what just happened there. The horrific and cowardly bombings in Sri Lanka are an offense to the people who follow the religion which the responsible people claim to be 'fighting' for. We are all disgusted by this violence, especially when it is done in the name of a religion where the majority of its followers reject it.

Sri Lanka recently emerged from a decades-long civil war (it's complicated, but it was great that it stopped, however ugly the events were). Tourism surged, rebuilding started and a lot of people started to get out of poverty. That progress is going to be stopped dead because of some idiots in explosive vests.

We have been helping a charity in Sri Lanka looking out for vulnerable girls and women over the last couple of years. We will now look to see if we can help more there or in other ways.

We just dropped advertising prices in Colombo by 40% as we know our paying advertisers might suffer as well. Our commitment to providing a free service to all advertisers remains - we know this has generated thousands of inquiries for them in the last months. Every cent an advertiser doesn't need to pay to a middle-man or woman is a cent closer to better life.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, full of welcoming and very nice people. Go visit.

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