January 18, 2019

Service problems

UPDATE: 02:46 GMT 20/01/18: We are still under a DDoS attack. We have service resumed, although it is running a little slow. We will continue to make a series of changes to mitigate the impact.


Since this morning we have been experiencing some issues on the site. The cause of this is some 'amusing' people sending millions of requests to flood the service. Our servers felt like this:

We have restored service, but they are still going pretty hard so are causing some delays in returning pages.

We are working on it, but service may be interrupted as we make changes. Sorry!
  1. Ok thank you this is just affecting my money

  2. Thank you Massage Republic for providing the avenue to the "Golden Triangle" No one does it better.


  3. You are so appreciated with help getting clients! Thank you for all your efforts and a very user-friendly format. I'm not sure how to make sure that my post is going up each day how do I do that could you please let me know via email? Or text

    1. Not sure what you are looking for, but your listing should be visible unless we mail you otherwise.