October 20, 2014

What's wrong, and what's right?

You know the one thing which is easy?

It's to say any woman (person, men, trans and everything other favour of which is the beautiful diversity of humanity) who ever sells her company / time / affection / body / sex is in the wrong...

The people who say this are mostly middle-aged men (some of which then get caught doing 'wrong' - Ranker highlights 19 politicos doing wrong in the US, the same thing goes for politicians in other countries). Many of those politicians got back in office. Few of the girls got anything but hassle. We are right to pursue politicians with double-standards, but more-and-more people don't care. Hypocrisy is the real bad thing, not what they did or the people they did it with.

We are liberalizing as a global society (just think about it, men can get married to men in some places, girls can kiss each other in others, and generally we don't care), in some countries same-sex couples can adopt; 30 years ago it would impossible everywhere. Today, divorce is not possible is many countries, but girl-slavery has been reduced to increasingly less places (hopefully none soon). We should celebrate gay couples. We should also celebrate people who are sex workers; if people choose the profession. We should also scream and shout when government/police/others start deciding what people can or can't do - they were not elected on that basis. Much worse, are religious leaders doing the same as no-one elected them; they elected themselves.

Many 'liberated women' in the media scream about escorting being a cardinal sin against women. How much do they know about it? How much do they understand about why people do it?

What's wrong?

Everyone agrees on the answer. Co-coercion. slavery, enforced labour, trafficking, and every other sort of pressure that can be put on a woman to provide sex to to customer. This disgusts everyone.

What's not wrong?

Anything else: what a woman - or man or TS - decides to do with their body with a partner. It is the choice of each person.

You might ask about drug addiction or economic deprivation; these are serious issues, but are ones that need to be addressed at a societal level.

Why is Massage Republic here?

The site was started to enable more independent providers to get clients - on their own terms. For hundreds of thousands of enquiries, each advertiser didn't need to pay anything. We think that every time a person doesn't need to be on the street to get business it is one less chance for something bad to happen.

To our users

Thanks for never - in 2 years - doing anything bad. We really do appreciate that, your comments and help. Hope we can make the site even better for you in the future. Big kisses!

To our advertisers

You have been amazing. Advice, help and some useful stories. All these things helped us improve and make a better placed for you today. We love you all, big hugs.

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