October 1, 2013

Isn't this business hard enough already?

Providing personal services is one of the most dangerous professions on the planet. Violence, arrest, disease and robbery are among the various risks a working girl or boy has to deal with on a regular basis.

You would think that this would mean that people in the industry would always stick together and support each other. Unfortunately, this doesn't always seem to be the case. Over many, many months we have been in the situation of trying to deal with a vendetta between several individuals who advertise on Massage Republic.

Some of the accusations flying around include the following:
  • She reported me to the police as a drug smuggler so I got arrested at the airport
  • She is posting fake reviews on your site and others
  • She posted my real name and a profile on another site
  • She is posting about me all over the Internet and bitching about me everywhere 
  • Look what she did to this other girl ...
There is one girl who is so angry with another that she is actively trying to find out where she is so she can report her to the police (in a country where that can have really nasty consequences). We got this, "I know where she is staying the room the lot, I think she is going to be kicked out the country that is if she does not get off your site - simple really" Pretty evil, but who knows? Maybe it's justified revenge? We don't know and we don't want to know. We think all of this kind of behaviour is really, really dumb. No-one will earn any more money and it makes the world a more dangerous place for all people working in the industry.

We are also on the receiving end of some very rude emails with loads of abuse in them. We prefer to use our time to help the people who are very happy with what we are doing and play by our rules, which are:
  • Advertisers are not permitted to use the platform to contact other advertisers, post questions/review to others. We will block accounts and refuse future new accounts.
  • Advertisers are not permitted to link from a profile to a webpage talking about other advertisers in any way.
  • We will not enter into discussion with any advertiser about the rights of any other advertiser to list on the site. We will only consider submissions which report activity which is not permitted on site.
Yes, this might mean that a person who has done something nasty to someone else in the past is allowed to list on the site. However, we are not going to play judge and jury to evaluate an individual's behaviour. Aside from this being completely impossible to do well - it is not our place to do so. If you don't like our rules, it's simple - don't use the site.

To end with some advice: in our experience, you should avoid talking about other girls with clients and never try and get into a fight. Be nice with others, play fair and if you get screwed over - move on. Otherwise, the results seem to be a zero-sum game where everyone involved really gets damaged and put at risk. And, no-one wants that, right?
  1. You aren't in the industry so you really aren't in a position to know how it feels when certain persons report in the Middle East other Ladies as being Drug Mules or Just carrying Drugs - that's not clever or funny its darn right bloody stupid - and when you know who has done this to you that's the pits - thankfully this has never happened to me but this woman that did this made a HATE blog against myself and contacted my family and friends - and she wrote to my Sons Fathers x-employers and the studio where he shows his work and everyone she could find on the internet. - do you really think that one should have to put up with his behaviour, do you really because if you do then I think there is something very wrong with you and as for Kama well I can wait but this woman should not be allowed to try to destroy others because she feels them to be some sort of - competition - surely there are enough men to go around - well there are way enough time wasters to go around - bless.

    I think we all know who this woman is well if you don't you will find her name on my site and frankly as for Kama some of us don't have that much time to wait because even as I write this she is sending mail to all of us and leaving texts - Oh yes she is and you think we should ignore this really you do honestly - No she needs to know that we don't have to stand for it - what a shame you don't do more posts and this post really is just all that I SENT TO YOU - what you forget to mention is what she has done to me an it is so much you really wouldn't believe it - She is not only dangerous to others but she is a danger to herself - I honestly think you don't get it at all. - If you did have any balls you would remove her off your site - She is but pure poison and I would bet you don't publish this..........

  2. Thanks for the 'enlightened' comment Liz. It was published as we don't censor anything (we do reserve the right to clean these comments up if there is no sensible debate) - but you did kind of ignore the whole point of the original post. Which was 'what the hell are you doing to each other, stop!' or at least stop getting us involved.

    Sorry, but I have tried to explain this about five different ways by email and then in the post above. How are we meant to objectively examine the evidence of an individual's actions and make judgement on them? We're not a court of law and certainly don't have any pretensions to act like one. Don't want to either - we're here to help our advertisers get customers and our users find what they are looking for.

    Rules are simple: play fair on Massage Republic. If you need to fight (preferably not, as that's dumb) do it somewhere else.

    You are posting things online which may or not be true. You then reference your site from your comment (completely ignoring the rules above). You are obviously (rightly or wrongly) very angry at someone or what you think they have done (or they did do, again no judgement). Your comment shows this anger. We cannot judge whether this is justified anger or just a vendetta. When you write something like this on your blog linked from your comment, "I don't care if she gets google to take that blog off line I have it on all the blogs I own - ain't life a biatch just like her - Bahrain save your money she is pure poison and definitely the face of evil.", it will be up to the readers of this to make a call themselves. Think about it.

    I think you are bright, intelligent person who is probably very good at what she does, never mind whatever else you do/have done/will do. I don't understand why you wish to publicly carry on such a fight. If you want this response and your original comment removed, ask and it is done.

    While we're at it - good time to start a new British Middle East Peace Process? As far as we know, no-one died yet, but lots of damage happened. Simple choice: you all stop everywhere and the damage stops everywhere. No, you can never right the wrongs, but avoiding future pain is infinitely more valuable today - something which everyone in a peace process normally doesn't understand, which is why they don't work - that's men though, we can do better (I hope).

  3. I say publish and be damned I have every single thing she has done to myself and others on line I don't need to put it here I just told you what she did and how she told the Police in the UK to 'F' Off and how she made a fake profile on another site which she has now been kicked off twice - so I think you can see and would see that if you tried to find her name on the biggest site in the world you would see - nobody of that name advertised here -

    I am afraid that I just don't care of any outcome - we all asked her to stop and the more we did the more she turned against us - so how do you deal with someone like this Claire that doesn't want to stop and I wrote to her and wrote one Saturday and you know what she did Claire - she wrote to Microsoft to say she was being hassled by me. Believe me if I tell you this everything that has been done has been done to stop this but it takes two or in this case over 6 to tango - sorry Claire but you may think this is stressful but how do you think we felt when she did what she did and wrote not only my full name but another's on line their real name - I don't care because Liz is my real name but she very much did care and she wrote if these two nasties carry on all the blog goes back - what sick shit is she and blackmail isn't out of her league either - you are stressed - come on that's ridiculous compared to how we were stressed - its a simple thing to sort out really simple on your front -

    Nothing I say is a lie which is how I can write to fluently - nope not angry just irritated how you cant see what the right thing is to do - all you gotta do it the right thing - Then you wont be stressed - I mean now I am getting fake mail from her via your board why should I have to take that as all of us are and some very rude - All the fake reviews OMG and how she is so upset because a girl upset her and named her in a reply to a BAD review she got - that was out of order and what's more a lie. But you knew that when pointed out to you and all from her section was removed.

    Nobody died from this true but they are dropping like flies everywhere because as long as I am alive there will NEVER, EVER be peace in the ME - not ever that's how it is -

    Claire, todays news is tomorrows chip paper but people need to know how awful and cruel she is and like the middle east she will never change because she is all of the above - I met her for three hours other girls she picks on she has never even met - Tell me what is normal about that. - You just cant can you.

    Liz Hilton

  4. OK - this subject's closed for us (not sure which bit of 'take the fight elsewhere' wasn't clear). Think you have had ample opportunity to share your views.

    Thankfully, everyone else decided to take a better route of no comment.

    I am not sure I will leave this discussion here as I don't really think it brings anything to readers and this is not a platform for someone to carry on the argument. So if it goes it's not censorship, just probably the best result for all concerned.