October 2, 2012

September Success

In September we concentrated on some of the 'small stuff' that makes a difference. Most of that was behind the scenes improvements to make some of the processes work better. The presentation of search results was improved and we added a new section called 'What's happening' so users can see the latest reviews, questions and listings for a specific city.  We also made some changes to make the site work better on mobile devices - we still have some work to do in that area, but we made a good step forward.

Last month, we reached an important milestone for us (and our advertisers) - since we launched in February we have generated over half a million of what we call 'contact actions' - this is a user sending a message, clicking to see a phone number or clicking through to see an advertiser's website. We know it is sometimes difficult for service providers to evaluate how useful their marketing is, so we are sending a summary out on a monthly basis to each advertiser.

We are trying to do something different and better for providers and thanks for all the great feedback we got from some of you directly. You are all beautiful and thanks for your support so far.

I would like to ask that you get in touch in the forums here if you have something to say (good or bad) as we really love feedback!
  1. Hi CLaire, this is probably off subject but I haven't been able to access the website all day. I keep getting this message:

    ERROR. Sorry, something did not work.
    We now know about it and will get it fixed.

    I already have 2 paid VPN accounts (VPN Express and Pure VPN) it's the same using both proxies.

    Any idea what might be wrong? Is the website facing ay technical difficulties?


  2. Hi Jimmy

    Unfortunately, the website is down at the moment
    The outage start on Friday and our systems administrator isn't responding
    The site will be working again on Monday