October 1, 2014

Freedom, choice and rape

One of the team was in London last week to visit the Xbiz EU conference. Outside there were people demonstrating against the adult industry. Their basic point is that pornography was a violation of womens' bodies and encourages men to rape and mistreat women. There were also references to prostitution in their printed materials.

It's a shame these 'supposed feminists' don't understand that things like rape and the mistreatment of women are coming from low education levels, unhealthy cultural norms on what is and what isn't right and also the suppression of normal human behaviours by religious and societal controls.

Any person should be allowed to do what they want with their body. They should not be coerced or do so under threats or violence. They should be able to do without being in fear of legal persecution, public shaming or otherwise. That would be a good start for increased freedom in this world.

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