June 20, 2012

Improving photo quality

You might wonder how hard it is to explain to people why they should put up real photos on a listing... At the moment, it seems to be impossible. If someone is using photos of a model or actress, this is completely unfair for real people advertising their services. It is also the largest source of complaints from customers.

Previously, we put a new process in place to give people a chance to fix up their listings and make sure that they were OK. All we managed to produce were hundreds of fake listings.

Our development team went back to the drawing board - literally ;)

This was the simple picture they actually let me post... What we now have is a lot more complicated than it should be, but should provide the basis for making sure we get rid of the fake photo problem.

If you have any comments or want more info please get in touch. If you see fake photos on the site, hit the report button!

Update: As of 22 June 2012, every listing will be checked before getting published

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